Students publish annual literary magazine

By Noa Yadidi

Stone-cutters, the annual literary magazine that showcases upper school students’ art and writing, came out May 21. The magazine contained over 20 literary works and works of art produced by sophomores, juniors and seniors.

The editors-in-chief of the magazine were Jamie Chang ’13, Jessica Gold ’12 and Wyatt Kroopf ’12 and were assisted by faculty advisers English teacher Jennifer Raphael and visual arts teacher Alyssa Sherwood.

Anders Villalta ’12 won the cover contest held in February with his painting entitled “It starts with a touch.”

All students were invited to come to school on a weekend and vote on all the submissions to decide whether or not they should be included in the issue. More than twenty students voted on works that were credited to anonymous authors at the time to eliminate bias, Chang said.

“I think the overall process was great…the issue looks great and I’m really happy with how everything turned out,” Chang said.