Alumna marries in school chapel

By Maggie Bunzel

Cinema studies and performing arts teacher Ted Walch officiated in the wedding of Claire Cochran ’06 and Kent O’Connor in St. Saviour’s Chapel on Aug. 25.

Both Cochran and her older brother Adam Cochran ’04 performed in multiple drama productions that Walch directed.

Walch received a license to perform weddings online at Universal Life Church years ago.

“I am an active Episcopalian and once stuided for the Episcopal ministry,” Walch said. “I’ve performed four other marriages for friends, all of them alums.”

Cochran had stayed close with Dean Sharon Cuseo and visual art teacher Marianne Hall, who were both in attendance.

Cuseo’s 5-year-old twin daughters Lina and Jenna were flower girls.

Also in attendance were many of Cochran’s former classmates, several of whom served as bridesmaids at the wedding.

The bride’s brother began the wedding with a performance of original musical pieces such as “Brown-Eyed Girl and “Home”.

“The ceremony was traditional in context but was really non-traditional in terms of music,” Walch said. “There were tears, and there were smiles. It was a truly beautiful wedding. I haven’t made it a habit, and I don’t want to make it a habit, but if it’s for someone I feel close to and if the timing is right, I’m happy to officiate a marriage,” Walch said.