Sophomore puts song on iTunes, releases music video on YouTube

By Zoe Dutton


Singer Claire Nordstrom ’15 released her first single “Yet…” last week.

The song was one of several that she wrote herself in January, after receiving a ukulele as a present.

Nordstrom spent several months editing it, and recorded the single in June with the assistance of her father, a professional composer, in his studio.

They then uploaded the song to online music distributor CD Baby, and from there released it onto iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and a number of other digital stores on Aug. 28.

“It feels pretty awesome,” Nordstrom said. “Right now I feel like I’m on top of the world.”

Nordstrom’s music video for “Yet…”, which was filmed and edited by her father, is now on Youtube.

The video features Rachel Persky ‘15.

Nordstrom said she drew on her own life for inspiration while writing “Yet…”

“The song is pretty much based on me, because I’m always trying to find someone…” Nordstrom said. “I believe that everyone has someone meant for them out in the world somewhere, and everyone’s destined to find that person. My song is about not necessarily my journey but in general anyone’s journey to find that person.”

Though “Yet…” costs 99 cents on iTunes, generating revenue isn’t Nordstrom’s priority.

“I think we make money out of it, but …I don’t really care.” Nordstrom said, “I’d put it up there for free if I had the chance.”

Nordstrom also plans to donate a portion of the proceeds to The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International, a cause she feels personally connected to because both she and her sister are diabetic.

Nordstrom looks forward to releasing more singles in the future. She hopes to eventually even put out an entire album, also entitled “Yet…”. Though she currently records independently, she is open to collaboration in the future.

In addition to singing, Nordstrom plays the piano and ukulele and recently started taking guitar lessons.

“I love music,” Nordstrom said. “I’ve known since I was little that I wanted to be a musician.”