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Students discuss sl*t-shaming

Students discuss sl*t-shaming

Georgia Grad, Assistant Features Editor March 20, 2024

It was the beginning of the school year. Nora* had been hanging out with a male student, Reggie*, for a while and started to catch feelings. Another guy that she previously had relations with decided...



Hannah Shahidi, Assistant News Editor February 1, 2024

It is 1997. Upper School Dean Sharon Cuseo walks into Rugby Auditorium as she searches for a seat at “West Side Story.” Spotting the Platt family, she goes to sit next to them. Cuseo and the Platts...

Apps falling out of an iPhone

Digital Detox

Georgia Grad, Assistant Features Editor December 13, 2023

It was tech week for the school musical. Lights had to be set up. Costumes had to be fitted. Microphones needed to be adjusted. As the days seemed endless, Maya Ray ’25 was overwhelmed with a massive...

Students line up outside their school after a shooting has just occurred.

Generation Under Fire

Georgia Grad and Eden Conner November 15, 2023

Everyone is in Taper Gymnasium. It’s an all-school assembly, and students are packed on the bleachers: sophomores and juniors on one side of the gym, and seniors on the other. Head of Upper School Beth...

A senior, about to graduate, and his younger girlfriend share a milkshake.

Mind the Gap

Georgia Grad, Assistant Features Editor September 21, 2023

Maddy Pimstone ’25 had looked forward to her plans all week. Pimstone was seeing a guy in the grade above despite their hour and a half commute. Without a driver’s license, Pimstone had to ask her...

Buddy the Wolverine sits atop a vault filled with cash.

Venturing to Ventura

Alex Dinh and Zoe Goor September 21, 2023

Machines whir, blending up pumpkin spice Frappuccinos, and bags crinkle, filled with vanilla bean scones at the Starbucks on Ventura Boulevard. Of the 19 total customers that have made purchases in the...

Class or Pass?

Class or Pass?

Dylan Graff and Iona Lee May 26, 2023

It was 11:36 p.m. and Zoe Kramar ’24 scrolled through her course selections, eagerly checking numerous boxes, including the one next to Latin American Studies. A few weeks later she received an email...

FAke Friends

FAke Friends

Ella Yadegar, Assistant Features Editor May 26, 2023

As Ellie Whang ’24 checked her Snapchat one morning in April, she was surprised to see a clothed, anthropomorphic chatbot named “My AI” pinned to the top of her chat feed. She had experimented with...

Printed with Permission of Victoria Peng 23

Advancing Asian Leaders

Averie Perrin May 25, 2023

31 years after the United States Congress officially designated May as Asian Pacific American Heritage (APAH) Month in 1992, students elected four Asian-identifying Senior Prefects for the 2023-2024 school...

A doctor diagnoses a senior with senioritis.


Chloe Park May 24, 2023

At 11 p.m. on a Sunday, Maddie Cunniff ’23 sat staring at the daunting list of school work that awaited on her computer. She had a lab write up, major presentation and several assessments in the coming...

An illustration depicts an angry teacher lecturing inattentive students.

Grade A Friendship

Iona Lee and Averie Perrin March 22, 2023

Garrett* sat in the back of his math class with his computer open. He watched as Guest6598344956 moved a knight and waited for his own turn in his chess game. Meanwhile, his math teacher lectured about...

Students participate in the girls pre-show ritual before their first performance

Wolverine Cult-ure

Averie Perrin and Iona Lee March 22, 2023

It’s quiet on campus. Georgiana* and the rest of the girls from the theater department gather in a circle, tucked away in one of the campus’s most secluded locations. They believe they are alone. These...

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