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Prefect Council starts ‘Tap Out’ competition

Luke Schneider January 31, 2019

Prefect Council announced Jan. 17 that Tap Out, formerly known as Assassin, will return to the Upper School this year. According to Junior Prefect Michael Lehrhoff, Tap Out differs from Assassin in...

Maintaining our connections

Ryan Albert May 30, 2018

Since the school-wide game of Assassin finished my sophomore year, I could not wait to play again. Being a student seems unimaginable without the relief of Assassin at the end of the year. As the days...

Students do not organize annual school-wide Assassin game, juniors start independent round

Lucas Gelfond May 30, 2018

The school-wide Assassin game will not continue for the first time in six years because no seniors stepped forward to organize it. In the game, students are assigned targets who they “kill” by sneaking...

Photo Illustration by Nicole Kim

Going out with a Bang: Does “Assassin” Trivialize Gun Violence?

Layla Moghavem June 4, 2017

The Monday that Assassin started, Head Prefect Cate Wolfen ’17 saw the game as a way for students to have fun together, although it could be distracting to their schoolwork at times. The next day, she...

Assassin starts with a bang

Ryan Albert May 31, 2017

More than 300 students played in the 5th annual assassin game with a newly created app. As of press time, only 45 players remain. Moderated by James Kanoff ’17 and Justin Rose ’17, the game started...

The greatest danger

The greatest danger

Jonah Ullendorff April 27, 2016

There is a conspiracy afoot. A tale of corruption and fraud on a scale so huge that I fear the average Chronicle reader may be unprepared for the shock it may bring. Yet it is the job of this fine institution...

The HW Assassin app is available for iPhone and Android. Printed with permission of James Lennon

Students play campus-wide Assassin game

Danielle Spitz April 27, 2016

Lexi Scher ’17 was one of the last 13 players standing in last year’s game of "Assassin" when there was a sudden change in the rules. "School was ending, so [the moderators] made this new rule that...

The HW Assassin app is available for iPhone and Android. Printed with permission of James Lennon

Fewer than 100 players left in campus Assassin game

Danielle Spitz April 15, 2016

A record number of 441 students signed up to participate in this year’s campus-wide game of Assassin, 344 of whom have been "killed" since the game began Tuesday. Students who are participating in...

Campus-wide Assassin game to begin Tuesday

Danielle Spitz April 11, 2016

This year’s campus-wide game of Assassin organized by moderators Will Burford ’16 and Sid Kucheria ’16 will begin Tuesday at 8 a.m. Students who are participating in the fifth annual game will use...

Students use new app to play campus-wide Assassin game

Eshanika Chaudhary May 27, 2015

Gabriel Jenkinson ‘16 was one of the top five competitors in this year’s game of Assassin until his killer snuck past his friends, who were acting as bodyguards, and "shot" him in the back. Although...

Assassin games set for April

Marcella Park March 19, 2014

Upper school students can still email their names and grades to [email protected] to join this year’s first game of Assassin, organized by game masters William Lee ’14 and Jonah Blume-Kemkes ’14...

Sign ups open for year’s first Assassin game

Marcella Park March 10, 2014

Upper school students can now email their names and grades to [email protected] to join the first school-wide game of Assassin of the year, organized by game masters William Lee '14 and Jonah Blume-Kemkes...

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