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Two-Faced: Using apps to ‘auto-tune’ your face

Haley Finkelstein May 27, 2015

Gigi* ’15 punches in her iTunes password, charging $3.99 to her father’s credit card so that she can use and abuse the new app which everyone is talking about – Facetune, which is like Auto-tune...

Fear Factor: Students with Phobias

Fear Factor: Students with Phobias

Su Jin Nam April 29, 2015

In one of her AP Biology lectures last year, the teacher showed a photo of a beehive. Even though it was merely a picture on the screen, Jill* ’15 remembers breaking out in a cold sweat and choking on...

Waze Around It

Waze Around It

Carly Berger March 18, 2015

Rachel Persky ’15 rushes out the door and into her car to drive to her friend’s beach house, pulling up the navigation app Waze on her iPhone. She is running 10 minutes late and is stressed that she...

in harm’s way

Su Jin Nam January 11, 2015

A “Foodie Fiasco”

Jake Saferstein November 19, 2014

Kelly Morrison ’16 has managed to profit from the gluten-free trend with her food blog, Morrison went vegetarian in 2011 for moral reasons and also started her blog that year. Quickly,...

Goodbye Gluten

Pim Otero November 17, 2014

Gone in a Flash

Carly Berger October 14, 2014

Julia Safir ’15 cut out golden tattoos from a sheet. She took off the clear plastic cover on top of the design and placed it face down on her arm. Safir put a wet cloth over the design and held it there...

Election season

Morganne Ramsey May 28, 2014

When Amelia Miller ’15 got home one day last week, she found a group of people admiring temporary tattoos that said “Matt Miller for Congress, Endorsed by the Los Angeles Times.” Miller’s father,...

Finger Painting

Zoe Dutton April 30, 2014

With a final flourish, Alexandria Florent ’15 surveys her masterpiece. The strokes are precise, the shading even. Yet unlike most other works of art, Florent’s canvas is an iPhone and her chosen medium...

Netflix Addiction

February 12, 2014

Last summer, Alex Kano ’14 watched so many episodes of television through Netflix’s online streaming service that the company felt obligated to check on her well-being. “Netflix sent me an email...

Netflix Addiction

Alex McNab February 11, 2014

Craving the crush

Zoe Dutton December 18, 2013

Hunched over an iPhone, Alex Florent ’15 holds her breath as she swipes the rainbow bon-bon into a pair of red jellybeans. A second passes, then: “Sugar rush!” The screen explodes into a cacophony...

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