A “Foodie Fiasco”

Jake Saferstein

Kelly Morrison ’16 has managed to profit from the gluten-free trend with her food blog, www.foodiefiasco.com.

Morrison went vegetarian in 2011 for moral reasons and also started her blog that year.

Quickly, however, she got a lot of demand not just for healthy vegetarian food, but also for paleo, vegan and of course, gluten-free recipes. And so, soon after she started, she followed the trends and made her recipes paleo, vegan and gluten-free.

“Personally, I’m not gluten-free, and it’s important for the individual to decide what’s best for them, but in the healthy food-blogging world, it’s a popular request,” Morrison said.

Since 2011, Morrison has turned her love for cooking, photography and food into a business. Her blog has just received its 6 millionth unique visitor, and gets around 575,000 page views a month. She employs 19 recipe testers, an eight- person executive team and just recently hired contributors.

Once Morrison decides on a recipe to turn paleo, vegan and gluten-free, either through requests or from her “baking bucket list,” she starts substituting ingredients in order to make them healthier. Morrison then sends out a recipe to her 19 recipe testers, who try to make the recipe and send notes back to her describing how the process and final product turned out.

When the recipe is finalized, Morrison then photographs the food and posts it to her blog.

Morrison currently does all pictures and recipes herself, but will soon be putting up recipes from her recently hired contributors.

“I’m just so glad I’ve been able to share my passion of cooking and photography and grow it into a job,” Morrison said.