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Illustration by Eva Park

Constructing Curriculum

Saisha Kumar, Assistant Features Editor August 27, 2023

Following the events of Jan. 6, 2021, Sarah Parmet ’25 watched her eighth grade history teacher stray away from the pre-planned curriculum to instead lead a class discussion on Zoom about the violent...

We have a chance to recommit to our humanity and the individualized quirks and insights that make our thinking special.

ChatGPT and education, Claire-ified

Claire Conner, Print Managing Editor December 14, 2022

A piano piece composed in the style of Mozart. An essay comparing Benedict Anderson’s and Ernest Gellner’s theories of nationalism. A Common App personal statement based on summaries of specific events...

Pomona College President G. Gabrielle Starr gestures to a student asking her a question after her speech.

Pomona College President speaks to students

Lucas Cohen-d'Arbeloff April 21, 2022

Pomona College President and neuroscientist G. Gabrielle Starr spoke to students about education and technology as part of the Brown Family Distinguished Speaker Series during Community Flex Time on Monday....

Holocaust survivor Lilian Trilling, pictured above, turned 90 years old this year. Her story was documented in the schools Righteous Converstations Project.


Lily Lee January 19, 2022

Flipping through the pages of her 10th grade Advanced Placement (AP) European History textbook, Ava Weinrot ’23 said she searched for something more extensive than the half-page of reading assigned on...

Defending military education

Defending military education

Clay Skaggs March 2, 2019

When it comes to colleges, students at Harvard-Westlake can be tunnel visioned to say the least. Some students decide they need to go to an Ivy. Others will only look at schools with the best engineering...

Appreciating our education

Appreciating our education

Lindsay Wu March 2, 2019

Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to work with student volunteers from other schools at an event on campus. While stuffing gift bags in the lounge, one of the volunteers glanced at the deans’ offices. ...

A protester stands in the rain with her sign in downtown Los Angeles on Monday morning. Photo credit: Sophie Sanchez (Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies 19)

When It Rains, It Pours: UTLA teachers go on strike against LAUSD

Saba Nia January 17, 2019

The streets were a sea of red. As Aaron Rovinsky (University High School ’19) maneuvered his car down crowded boulevards in downtown Los Angeles, he watched as streams of teachers, students and parents...

Mistreatment of the majority

Luke Schneider November 16, 2018

When people across America sit staring at their screens, watching a needle move left or right and dots on a diagram turn red or blue, it becomes easy to wonder if people are voting for the candidates themselves...

School administration receives results from Stanford survey

Ryan Albert August 30, 2018

School administrators received results from the Stanford Survey of Adolescent School Experiences that middle and upper school students took last spring. The results include information ranging from workload...

Photo illustration by Alison Oh

Striking up a Conversation: Discussing the Relevance of Teacher Strikes

Alison Oh June 1, 2018

Feb. 22, it was West Virginia. April 2, it was Kentucky and Oklahoma. April 26, it was Arizona. April 27, it was Colorado. May 16, it was North Carolina. In each of these states, striking teachers walked...

Bubbled In: Standardized Testing in AP Course Curricula

Bubbled In: Standardized Testing in AP Course Curricula

Alena Rubin June 2, 2017

After taking her first unit test in an Advanced Placement class at the beginning of junior year, Alyse Tran ’18 said she felt:   a) Frustration b) A decline in motivation c) Helplessness d) All...

Photo Illustration by Josie Abugov and Kitty Luo

Easy F: the Effects of Negative Student-Teacher Relationships

Noa Schwartz January 12, 2017

Bill* sprinted from his dean’s office to his mother’s car with tears streaming down his face, hoping his dean could not see him crying through his office window. He had just been reprimanded for goofing...

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