School administration receives results from Stanford survey

Ryan Albert

School administrators received results from the Stanford Survey of Adolescent School Experiences that middle and upper school students took last spring. The results include information ranging from workload to classroom enjoyment and will be used to determine how to improve student life.

President Rick Commons presented his early findings during his opening remarks to the faculty.

“The data reflects that we have challenges with regard to the emotional well-being, and in many cases, physical well-being,” Commons said.

The survey asked students if they valued and enjoyed their education. Though more than 90 percent of students on both campuses said they valued education, only about 50 percent of students at the upper school enjoyed it, and about 60 percent at the middle school, Commons said, “The [gap] between valuing and enjoying it is what I call it the engagement gap,” Commons said. “Students are doing the work, but without being engaged by it.”

The survey allows administrators to look at data for specific demographics of the school and compare results. Another advantage is that the school can compare students’ data in the context of other schools, Commons said.

Commons said he plans to publish the results so students and faculty can benefit from its findings. The results will help the school improve student life, Head of Middle School Jon Wimbish said.

“I think there is so much in the data that points to that we are starting from a place of strength, which I’m not surprised by,” Wimbish said. “But any school, especially ours, can get better. I’m pleased with how it’s going so far.”