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Fighting against performative activism

Hannah Shahidi, Assistant News Editor December 18, 2023

“Health insurance in the United States is bullsh*t.” “Things you didn’t know were rape culture.” “What is genocide?" Painted in pastel colors, these phrases dominate our social media feeds....

Illustration by Alexa Liu

European Summer: Coldwater Edition

Hannah Shahidi, Assistant News Editor August 25, 2023

Scrolling through Instagram is my favorite extracurricular. I basically consider it an internship at this point, and before anyone asks, it WILL be the number one activity on my Common Application. But...

Instagram account ‘wokeathw’ critiques school’s revised history curriculum and Anti-Racism plan

Melody Tang and Caitlin Muñoz October 3, 2021

Instagram account @wokeathw created Sept. 7, 2020, by a group of anonymous community members disapproving of the school’s anti-racism initiatives, uploaded a post critiquing the Upper School History...



Leo Saperstein August 30, 2021

        Staring in the mirror, Irene Bae ’24 said she could not recognize herself behind her makeup and new clothes. As she looked down, her hands shot toward her phone,...

The Dangers of Anonymity

The Dangers of Anonymity

Editorial Board March 24, 2021

In October of 2020, The Chronicle published an article about the Instagram account @wokeathw, a platform dedicated to “documenting the self-destruction of an elite private school.” The article was...

The accounts first post outlined its goals for the initiative. There are currently 28 posts total.

Alumni start ‘blackathw’ Instagram account

Ethan Lachman July 13, 2020

Class of 2019 alumni founded an Instagram account named “blackathw” June 21 to highlight the experiences and injustices Black students and people of color face at the school. The account is one of...

/Siobhan Harms

Double Tap

Siobhan Harms December 11, 2019

  Emma Topp, an Instagram influencer with over fifty thousand followers, scrolled through her morning feed to discover Instagram will be hiding likes from other users. Topp began to wonder how her career...

Student’s Instagram photo surpasses 11,000 likes

Lindsay Wu January 23, 2019

In response to the most liked picture on Instagram, Dahlia Low '20 posted a photo of herself on @most_liked_my_face, an account she created as a joke, she said. However, Low's picture has now received...

School investigates social media account

Jenny Li October 4, 2018

The school administration identified the creator of the since-deleted Instagram account @hwmeme, which contained explicit racist, sexist, homophobic and anti-semitic references to specific members of the...

Students hunt for wolverines in contest

Emma Shapiro November 22, 2017

The upper school Instagram account has been posting a picture of a wolverine figurine somewhere on campus every Wednesday as a contest for students to guess the statue’s location. Students comment the...

Photo Illustration by Alena Rubin.

Facebook Official: Posting College Decisions on Social Media

Alena Rubin April 26, 2017

Dani Mirell ’17 opened the portal to the University of Michigan website hesitantly. She knew she loved the school, but she told herself she would be okay if she didn’t get in. Marlborough student Lily...

Rejoin reality: quit Instagram

Sofia Heller February 15, 2017

Over a year ago, I decided to delete my Instagram account. Throughout that time, people have often assumed that my parents are imposing their rules on me. My friends have constantly asked me if I have...

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