12 plays chosen for Playwrights Festival

A dozen plays selected for the Playwrights Festival were announced Friday by Performing Arts teacher and festival producer Christopher Moore. Students will audition for parts before eventually performing the plays. A list of the selected plays is included below.

“A Little help From My Friend” by Jared Gentile ’16

“Bromeo and Julius” by Sabrina Batchler ’15

“Followers of Osiris” by Hannah Dains ’16

“Fresh Air” by Jacob Goodman ’15

“In Passing” by Covi Brannan ’15 and Sydney Concoff ’15

“Man Up” by Kenneth Noble ’16

“Never Swipe Right” by Jessica Dickman ’17

“Rest in Peace” by Sammi Handler ’17

“Text” by Laurel Rand-Lewis ’16

“The Exceptional Childhood Center” by Dylan Schifrin ’16

“The Gates” by Marianne Verrone ’15

“Who Am I This Time” by Chloe Shi ’16

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