Appreciate the unexpected

During a layover in Hong Kong for a flight from India to Korea one summer, I settled down at a café with a book. After a couple of hours, I checked my ticket. The flight left at 3:45, and it was 4:30. I had missed the flight. I didn’t really panic. I definitely felt an […]

Supplementing food

Ever since she was four, Kennedy Green ’14 has taken vitamins regularly, starting with vitamin gummy bears and later switching to multivitamins. When her father told her to drink more milk because she wasn’t growing enough, she started taking calcium supplements, which she says helped her grow seven inches since ninth grade. “I don’t drink […]

Escaping my comfort zone

One of my goals in life is to step on the soil of every single country in the world. Not quite realistic, I know, but I like the sound of it. This summer, I added Mongolia to my short list of countries I have been to. As part of a program called the Experiment in […]

Mazelle Etessami: Haiti

Feeling nauseous from the stench of trash and dead rats, Mazelle Etessami ’14 checked that no one could see her before quickly slipping her camera out of its bag to take some photographs. Soon after, she visited one of the Internally Displaced Persons camps in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, where she interacted with Haitians who had been […]

Parents’ Association creates tribute book

The Harvard-Westlake Parents’ Association launched a Tribute Book for President Thomas Hudnut that will benefit the Thomas C. Hudnut Scholar Endowed Fund for financial aid. The keepsake will be presented to Hudnut on April 27 and will also be distributed to the people who have donated to it. The Parents’ Association is working with the […]

3 seniors document ‘Vision to Learn’ charity

Three seniors photographed and filmed an eyeglasses distribution event at the Dolores Mission School in Boyle Heights Jan. 28 as part of their publicity. Vision to Learn, the nonprofit organization that hands out glasses and gives free eye examinations to the underprivileged children in the Los Angeles district, invited  three Photography III students Emily Plotkin […]

Music Man

Whether he’s mandating proper abdominal breath, teaching sopranos their part by singing it for them or replicating accompaniment sounds with seeming ease, Rodger Guerrero is constantly at work. Guerrero, who has directed Harvard-Westlake choirs for 12 years, can’t remember when he began singing. “My mother was a regional opera star and concert pianist,” he said. […]

CSUN annual show exhibits student art

At the school studio, Madeline Lear ’13 clicked away as the bassist “played” a rose as if it were a guitar. After choosing from her many photographs and polishing them on Photoshop, she completed her project for Photography III, which was chosen last week to be featured in an exhibit at the California State University […]

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