Thoughts on the safe spaces movement

It would appear actions taken on college campuses designed to protect students who feel personally harassed or are in immediate emotional danger would be a grand idea. However, what if I told you that the people who are spewing hatred are the students who physically attack and verbally abuse invited speakers attempting to exercise their […]

Ross schedules second round of meetings

Head of Upper School Laura Ross scheduled the second round of “How Are We” meetings to begin Dec. 4. The meetings are designed to construct a stronger understanding between Ross and the students by encouraging students to talk about the school experiences that they like, as well as those that they would like to see […]

DEI department to host UCLA speaker

The Department of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion will host an Educating and Engaging event Oct. 24 to inform attendees about the importance of equity in the community. UCLA Professor and Associate Dean of Equity and Inclusion Tyrone Howard will speak at the event. An invitation was extended through the SoCal People of Color to the […]

Debaters attend summer program

More than 300 Lincoln Douglas, Policy and Parliamentary debaters attended the third annual International Summer Debate Program this summer. Over the course of the seven-week program, debaters from over eight countries, ranging from beginner to varsity levels, spent their time reading, writing, researching and participating in mock debates. They were also given the opportunity to […]