Dear Saba: Last Day

Dear Saba: Last Day

Dear Seventh Grade Saba, Today is my last day of high school. While I drive down Coldwater Canyon for what will be one of the last times ever, dodging the familiar potholes and sliding instinctively with each sharp turn, I feel in control. On your first day of Harvard-Westlake, you approached the bus sporting your […]

Dear Saba: On the move

Dear Moving Day Saba, Today, I got stuck in traffic. It’s not a remarkable occurrence; this happens every day. No matter what roads I take or my destination – whether I’m sleepily cruising down Coldwater or racing along the Pacific Coast Highway – I will undeniably find myself stuck behind a roadblock or string of […]

59 seniors to be inducted into Cum Laude Society

59 seniors who are in the top 20 percent of the graduating class’ grade point average will be inducted into the National Cum Laude Society on May 20. The seniors are as followed: Cum Laude Society, Harvard-Westlake Chapter List of Inductees, 2019 1.     Olivia Izel Bautista 2.     Nicholas Michael Belgrad 3.     Samuel Buckley-Bonanno 4.     Megan […]

Faculty to vote on schedules for 2020

Following the second pair of late-start block schedule days March 11-12, members of the Scheduling Committee have prepared two proposals for altering the current schedule, Head of Upper School Laura Ross said. Academic departments are currently reviewing the proposed changes to the schedule, and the Faculty Academic Committee will vote on the two final proposals […]

Dear Saba: A New Start

Dear Saba: A New Start

Dear College Freshman Saba, Today, I applied to work at my summer job for the last time. I expect several more lasts this year–my last night at home, my last stroll through the Quad–but this last feels more final. After this summer, I will no longer spend my mornings navigating the winding roads to this […]

Dear Saba: Call me by my name

Dear Sixth Grade Saba, Today nobody said my name. I’m used to it – the mispronunciations and wooden tongues trying to make sense of my “exotic” name, the pauses in roll call and hapless eyes searching for recognition in a crowd – so hearing my name said properly always makes me do a double take. […]

Sharp Skills

Sharp Skills

They moved in unison on the stage. Bows sliding side to side, the violinists played their instruments as one fluid mass. Seated in the audience with her family, a nine-year-old Megan Chang ’19 sat transfixed. As it ebbed and flowed, the music surrounded Chang. She was mesmerized by the violin sections as the musicians swayed […]

State to promote media literacy

State to promote media  literacy

Nearly 50 years after the Supreme Court ruled in favor of a group of students’ method of free expression and a broader interpretation of the First Amendment in Tinker v. Des Moines Independent Community School District, California lawmakers agreed to implement media literacy education to support students’ free speech against the growing threats of misinformation […]

Dear Almost High School Saba, Today I wrote this article like I write most of my pieces, late at night, drowsy on my lack of sleep and half-baked ideas. But whether it’s a news brief, thorough feature or rambling opinion, each piece begins the same: at some obscene hour in the morning, with a blank […]

Jonathan Martin ’08 to stand trial for threats

After posting an image on Instagram of a shotgun and a reference to four individuals and Harvard-Westlake, a judge ruled Wednesday that there is enough evidence for former NFL players Jonathan Martin ’08 to stand trial for his criminal threats. Martin received four felony counts of making criminal threats, one for each person tagged in […]

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