Fanatics promote golf ball scavenger hunt at assembly

The Fanatics unveiled a scavenger hunt in commemoration of the school’s 25th anniversary during this year’s first all-school “First and Third Wednesday” assembly. Because the upper school campus was built on the land that was previously the Hollywood Country Club, the Fanatics are reaching back to its history by inviting the community to find golf balls […]

Prefect Council sends Homecoming notice

The Prefect Council announced Aug. 24 to upper school students that the date for homecoming formal will be Oct. 8. Students said they are excited about attending the school dance. “Last year I was playing in an out-of-state soccer tournament the day of homecoming, and somehow managed to make it back in time for the […]

Miriam Shapira ’97

After taking time off from her career to be a stay-at-home mom, Miriam Shapira ’97 is the new executive assistant to the head of external relations. Shapira said that the excitement of seeing her two children head off to school has reignited her passion for education and inspired her to return to her alma mater. […]

Nathaly Blanco

Nathaly Blanco will return as the school’s SAT and ACT coordinator after working for two years as an upper school receptionist. As the SAT and ACT coordinator, Blanco will schedule proctors, assign students to rooms and prepare the tests. Previously, she had proctored standardized tests and helped with AP exams. When previous SAT and ACT […]

Caitlin Adams

Caitlin Adams has joined the business office as the new director of human resources. Adams began the process of acclimating to the school in March when she shadowed the previous director Marty Greco. “Time with Marty was invaluable just to learn some of the behind-the-scenes stuff,” Adams said. Adams said she wishes to streamline Greco’s […]

Teachers work on two campuses

History teachers Celia Goedde and Lilas Lane will commute between the upper and middle school campuses to teach this year. The two history departments hope to use the program to better integrate the World and Europe classes, since the course is split between ninth and tenth grade, Goedde said. “We always want to make the […]

Science teachers to instruct new engineering class

1A new year-long science course called Principles in Engineering will be taught this year by science teachers Karen Hutchinson and Jesse Reiner to give students exposure to engineering.   UTeachEngineering, an initiative at the University of Texas at Austin designed to expose students to engineering, developed the curriculum. Hutchinson and Reiner attended a class led […]

Walch rewrites film textbook for class

Performing arts teacher Ted Walch rewrote his cinema studies textbook entitled “Cinstuds” over the summer. Walch has been teaching Cinema Studies for 25 years and created his own guidebook for his class in 2000. Last year, Walch asked the curriculum development committee for a grant to revise the textbook. Cinema studies student Javi Arango ’16 […]

Holmes-Chuba becomes Self Study Coordinator, to lead school evaluation

History Department Head Katherine Holmes-Chuba will be stepping down as department chair to become the Self-Study Coordinator this upcoming year. As Self-Study Coordinator, she will be organizing the preparation for an all-school evaluation that takes place every seven years. The school will be evaluated through the Accrediting Commission for Schools and Western Association of Schools […]

Yutopia Essex: Benefits Administrator

Yutopia Essex has joined the upper school as the new benefits administrator. In her new position, Essex will be in charge of self-insured medical plans, the school’s flexible spending account, the student accident plan and worker compensation. Los Angeles born Essex grew up in Cincinnati. She returned to Los Angeles seven years ago to pursue […]

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