Enforce change

We’ve just finished the 2013-2014 workload process, something we do every six years at the midpoint of the school’s accreditation cycle. The process begins with an exhaustive survey that looks at pretty much everything our students do at school. Then the Workload Committee, composed of teachers and deans as well as students and parents, reviews […]

Cut back and don't take away our fleeting time

I’m stressed and blah blah blah blah blah. If you’re a senior or junior you already know what I’m talking about: sophomores, just wait a few months and you’ll know too. I don’t think further explanation is necessary. Stress is just a part of the culture here, and most people have come to accept it. […]

Stop and listen to advice

A few years ago, I watched an episode of “Suits” with a friend of mine who was an avid fan. I wasn’t particularly fond of it, but perhaps that was because it had been hyped up so much. Harvey’s bombast and Mike’s humble cool were entertaining, but didn’t grab me or inspire me to watch […]

Time is running out

Why does Dunkin Donuts Express exist? Who thought regular Dunkin Donuts was too leisurely? I tweeted this while I was waiting in the airport last week, coming back from the East Coast on one of those interminable delays where that too-perky voice keeps cheerily informing you that your plane will be half an hour late, […]

Take a moment to step back

Spring break means vacation and relief for most students, but for many juniors it only means one thing: college tours. Although I am incredibly excited to start looking at schools and figuring out what I want in a college, the fact that I am actually doing this — really considering places I might want to […]

Sitting in morning traffic: a shared experience

I wait in my driveway, annoyed, for my sophomore sister to run out of the house clutching two smoothies and poorly buttered toast. I demand she “DJ,” God forbid I waste my own phone battery, and once again we begin our uniquely graceful pilgrimage to school. The drive becomes impossibly familiar, an etch-a-sketch of simple […]

Addicted to Starbucks

Okay, so it’s not a drug addiction, but being addicted to Starbucks is more dangerous than it seems. I finally admitted to myself that I had a problem when my Iced Venti Nonfat Chai Tea Latte was waiting for me with my name on it at the cashier before I had even ordered it. I […]

An eye-opening experience

At Harvard-Westlake, students get upset when they don’t get the Mercedes Benz convertible they asked for.  In Rwanda, giving a student an empty water bottle can bring them happiness for the next year.  We hear about the poverty and hardships that the vast population of the world faces.  However, this concept is hard to grasp until […]

Don’t support a harmful industry for personal entertainment

One of the things that makes the Hunger Games not just palatable but wildly successful is the just large enough difference between the world of Katniss and the one we inhabit. The government is far worse: Congress might not be able to pass a law, but Barack Obama is no President Snow. The names are […]

Seeking self-worth from being the most successful

Los Angeles’ weather makes me insecure because the temperature in Hawaii is 30 degrees warmer. My best friend lives in Honolulu, a city nicknamed Paradise, and because of that, I feel an irrational sense of competition with a place that I try against all reason to convince myself is worse than Los Angeles. I have […]

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