A Need for Nicotine: Teenage Nicotine Addiction

A Need for Nicotine: Teenage Nicotine Addiction

For three months during her sophomore year, Billie* ’20 couldn’t get through a 45 minute period without vaping. What started out as a small desire she would satisfy sporadically throughout the week quickly escalated into a need to use her Juul when she woke up, while she was in the car, between passing periods and […]

Caught in the web of Reddit and 4chan

Caught in the web of Reddit and 4chan

At the beginning of every math class, Xavier* ’16 opens up his laptop to take notes – at least, until he becomes bored or does not feel the need to pay attention any longer. Then he opens up his web browser and types in a familiar web address: reddit.com, the self-proclaimed “front page of the […]

Therapist to speak on drug, alcohol abuse

Parents will hear a talk called “Teen Abuse and Addiction to Drugs, Alcohol and Electronic Technology” at the Middle School Feb. 4, as part of the speaker series that the Parents’ Association has organized for this year. Licensed marriage, family and cognitive therapist Richard B. Cohen, who is also the founder of Of One Mind, […]

Addicted to Starbucks

Okay, so it’s not a drug addiction, but being addicted to Starbucks is more dangerous than it seems. I finally admitted to myself that I had a problem when my Iced Venti Nonfat Chai Tea Latte was waiting for me with my name on it at the cashier before I had even ordered it. I […]

Netflix Addiction

Last summer, Alex Kano ’14 watched so many episodes of television through Netflix’s online streaming service that the company felt obligated to check on her well-being. “Netflix sent me an email telling me how many hours I watched in a row and then asked me if I was okay,” Kano said. The company’s concerned email […]

Craving the crush

Hunched over an iPhone, Alex Florent ’15 holds her breath as she swipes the rainbow bon-bon into a pair of red jellybeans. A second passes, then: “Sugar rush!” The screen explodes into a cacophony of brightly colored candy and fireworks. Flush with excitement, she exhales and eagerly moves on to the next level. The game […]

Is ‘Breaking Bad’ breaking me?

It’s three o’clock in the morning on a Tuesday. I have an unfinished math assignment lying on my desk, but I’m in bed. I’m not sleeping and I’m not even trying to sleep. My laptop is open, Netflix is running, my heart is pounding. It must be the meth. I should clarify that I’m not […]