Coping with tragedy in our own ways

Everyone keeps asking me to say something about Justin Carr ’14’s death, but, in all honesty, I’ve been trying to forget about it. It’s surprisingly easy to do when, like me, one is thousands of miles away in a country, China where I have been spending my junior year with the high school foreign exchange […]

Silence is golden

I find it a little disconcerting that I am having trouble figuring out what to write. I think the problem is that I am trying to put my feelings into words and, at the moment, words just don’t seem to be doing them justice. I think because I have been learning to better communicate without […]

Christmas in Beijing

I am an orphan, but only for two weeks. Besides me, there are about 10 other orphans, and we have all banded together and made a Skype group, which we have cleverly titled The Orphans. Our namesake is the fact that we have been left alone in Beijing, where we have been living since August […]

Living in China, I feel American

I am starting to become the stereotypical, American teenager. The weird part is that I’m in China. I have been a teenager for four years, and I have been living in Beijing, China with the high school foreign exchange program School Year Abroad for two months, but it is only now that I have begun […]

Remembering where I am

“In Section 6b, enter our school name and address,” said the proctor for the P.S.A.T. With my yellow, #2 Dixon Ticonderoga pencil I wrote School Year Abroad China, 12 Xin Jie Kou Wai, Beijing, and, then, I remembered –– I am in China. As one of my classmates likes to joke, “Last night, I went […]

Subway guilt

Have you ever felt guilty for eating a submarine sandwich? I have. It happened in Beijing, where I am spending my junior year of high school with the foreign exchange program School Year Abroad, at a Subway in between a café and a McDonalds. If only the café was a Starbucks and the Subway sold […]