The Harvard-Westlake Chronicle

ASiA sent a school-wide email addressing recently recorded instances of racially motivated crime against Asian Americans on March 16.

Anti-Asian hate crimes fuel outrage

Quincey Dern and Caitlin Muñoz March 25, 2021

Six Asian American women were killed during multiple shootings in Atlanta on March 16. The attack occurred between three different Asian-owned spas, and eight people suffered from fatal bullet wounds....

Historian lectures on minorities in America

April 25, 2007

By Julie Barzilay “Ten Toes Takaki” was a surfer, not a scholar. “I may look like a professor to you, or a philosopher, with my silver mane,” Professor Ronald Takaki said, slicking...

Affirmative action slights Asian students

April 25, 2007

By Gene Lee and Tiffanie Young Affirmative action has long been a subject of controversy and  debate. Those who support affirmative action say that it gives a fair chance to those from poor backgrounds...

Scholar to inaugurate Asian heritage assembly

March 14, 2007

By Claire Lew During one of the Asian-American Culture Club’s meetings at the end of last school year, a grade representative stood in front of the white board in Chalmers 310 with a marker in hand.“Who...

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