Craving the crush

Hunched over an iPhone, Alex Florent ’15 holds her breath as she swipes the rainbow bon-bon into a pair of red jellybeans. A second passes, then: “Sugar rush!” The screen explodes into a cacophony of brightly colored candy and fireworks. Flush with excitement, she exhales and eagerly moves on to the next level. The game […]

Day of the Dead

Nick Ramirez ’14 stands beside his great-grandmother’s grave, surrounded by a sea of marigolds. The occasion is Día de los Muertos, the Mexican holiday when families gather to celebrate the lives of dead loved ones. While most students at Harvard-Westlake are busy planning their Halloween costumes, a few are preparing for Day of the Dead  […]

A Semester of Discovery

Ignoring the scorching heat and stinging sunburns, Tigist Menkir ’14 strolls through the vibrant street markets, admiring the colorful ankara fabric of bubas and kabas, traditional Nigerian dresses. Menkir went to Nigeria for the second semester of her junior year, from the end of January to early July. Throughout those six months, Menkir spent time […]

‘More than anything, it’s a nerd convention’

For four days in July, self-proclaimed geeks, nerds, fangirls, celebrities and several Harvard Westlake students gathered in San Diego for the 44th annual Comic Con International: a mass of TV and film promotion, comic book fandom, guest panels and endless souvenirs. Comic Con International began as a small comic book convention with around 100 people […]

Legal Gambling

Days removed from their 18th birthdays, Andrew Miller ’13 and Gregg Myerson ’13 drifted around the tables, taking in the sights, sounds and smells of the casino floor. The perpetual pinging of the slot machines soon faded into background noise once they uncomfortably took their seats at a blackjack table between a middle-aged Asian woman […]

The lost art of cursive

Adam Zucker ’13 was taking a physics test when he was confronted with a problem involving the variable A. After a quick twirl of his pen, he reproduced the question on a scrap piece of paper and Zucker’s “A” began to look much more like a four. Continuing the problem, Zucker misinterpreted his own writing […]

Cooking with Chemistry

The smell of onion wafts out of the classroom as Zachary Getelman ’13, surrounded by soy lecithin and lime, chops ingredients. He then adds them to a blender and prepares a salsa verde foam, with a texture resembling whipped cream or meringue when completed. The Molecular Gastronomy class, a new directed study, explores the science […]