Mastering Dreams

Mastering Dreams

The day before he had to give a presentation in school, Sean Jung ’16 concentrated on engraining the topic into his memory while looking at himself in front of a mirror, before he went to sleep. In his dream that night, he was able to give his presentation to his class, and when he woke […]

Battle for Love

Chemistry teacher Nathan Cardin decided to try dating websites when he was a graduate student at Stanford, but found himself unable to use eHarmony because he is gay and there were only two options for matchmaking: male searching for female and female searching for male. “It was kind of like a triple take,” Cardin said, […]

Kiss & Tell

Kiss & Tell

She slipped away from her cabin and rushed down to the beach dunes at her sleep-away camp where Jack, her camp boyfriend, was waiting for her. He gently kissed her nervous lips, his braces touching her teeth, and she knew she wasn’t into it. Sarah* pulled away and rushed back to her cabin, where her counselors […]

Pressure for Rigor

In all of the college information sessions and discussions about college, Riya Garg ’15 finds one constant theme: The number of Advanced Placement classes and rigor of a schedule is always a main focus. As a senior, Garg admits she feels a pressure to take as many AP and honors classes as possible. “I feel […]

Sweet Tooth

Sloane Chmara ’15 opens the refrigerator door on a Monday morning and grabs the pan of crumbled graham crackers and sugar with chocolate ganache in the middle and marshmallows sprinkled on top. Chmara baked the bars the night before, and allowed them to refrigerate overnight. She slices them into squares, calling them s’mores bars and […]

Overcoming the past

Had Lucas Hernandez ’14 stayed in public school after graduating from middle school, he would have attended Leuzinger High School or Lawndale High School, the two high schools in the Centinela Valley Union School District. At these schools, less than 40 percent of students met state expectations on standardized tests during the 2011-2012 school year. […]

Shelby Heitner: England

Shelby Heitner ’14 spent time examining the bubonic plague and its effects on 14th century English society during her trip to London, England as a recipient of the Junior Summer Fellowship. Heitner met with Jelena Bekvalac, a curator at the Museum of London specializing in osteology, the scientific study of bones. Heitner toured  Bekvalac’s laboratory […]

Mazelle Etessami: Haiti

Feeling nauseous from the stench of trash and dead rats, Mazelle Etessami ’14 checked that no one could see her before quickly slipping her camera out of its bag to take some photographs. Soon after, she visited one of the Internally Displaced Persons camps in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, where she interacted with Haitians who had been […]

Taste the rainbow

She sees sounds as three dimensional shapes moving in space, in a world where most people perceive sound as intangible noise. For her these noises take on a very real presence. Maya Broder ’13 has synesthesia, a neurological condition in which stimuli of one sense prompt an automatic experience of another. Causes of the condition […]

It's not easy eating greens

When Brooke Bagnall ’14 walks into the school cafeteria around midday to buy her lunch, more than a quarter of the options available to other students are off limits for her. Bagnall is one of a sizable group of vegetarian students who abstain from eating meat, while trying to consume their necessary nutrients from the […]