Oodles of Doodles

Although some teachers consider doodling to be a purposless and counterproductive activity, some studies show that doodling in class can help improve focus and overall benefit students. “The physical act of doodling is a manifestation that a student’s brain is already distracted and not paying attention to what’s happening,” upper school math teacher Jeff Snapp […]

Gunter-Gross Asia Initiative Recipients

As recipients of the Gunter-Gross Summer Fellowship both Demren Sinik ’13, who traveled to Turkey, and Jamie Chang ‘13, who traveled to South Korea, explored their countries of origin. Sinik interviewed students and professors about their opinions on Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the prime minister of Turkey. “[Some things] simply can’t be learned in the classroom […]

David Lim: Italy

David Lim ‘13 went on a 12 day trip to Italy to connect art and architecture with their political and literary context. The trip mostly consisted of visits to ancient Roman sites such as the Colosseum, Trajan’s Column and the ruins of Pompeii, as well as museums. Lim was especially surprised by his experience at […]

Jordan Elist: Spain

Jordan Elist ’13 spent two weeks meeting with schools, clubs, and camps in Barcelona and Madrid to talk about his non-profit organization, Save a Bottle, Save a Life. Elist also discussed the importance of community service in Spain. “For me, the most important part of the fellowship was teaching students that even though it is […]