What it means to be black

What it means to be black

Yes, technically speaking, I am of African-American descent. But I am not black. Or at least that is what I am told. It must be because I can’t dance. Or because I can’t sing. Or maybe because I try hard in class. Or because I speak in full sentences. You see, the stereotype of the […]

Third annual Jazz and Poetry Lounge hosted by the African-American Alumni Network

The African-American Alumni Network welcomed guests into the Feldman-Horn Gallery Feb. 25 for its third annual Jazz and Poetry Lounge with jazz standards performed by the Jazz Explorers band and foods including macaroni and cheese, garlic bread, salad and lemon bars. President of the alumni network Abby Harris ’94 organized the event, which was hosted […]

BLACC screens 'Dear White People'

The BLACC will screen the satirical film “Dear White People,” which focuses on a group of four black students attending a primarily white college, from 2 – 5 p.m. Feb. 21 at the Ahmanson Lecture Hall. Lena Waithe, who produced the film, attended the screening. The film follows Sam White (Tessa Thompson) who causes conflict […]

To celebrate or not to celebrate: Kwanzaa

What is Kwanzaa? In a poll of 388 Harvard-Westlake students, 59.5 percent didn’t know. “I’m not sure if it’s just for people from Africa or African-Americans in general,” Aliyah Daniels ’14, who identifies herself as an African-American, said. “It seems like an alternative to Christmas. I guess it’s time with family and friends and food. […]

Staying connected through Harvard-Westlake

Earlier this month, I had a very personal and inspiring conversation with Harvard-Westlake trustee Joni Hamilton. Upon discovering she was an alumna of Westlake school, I was immediately curious about her own experience being a black girl at Harvard-Westlake, and in my eagerness, I tracked down alumni administrator Janeice Richard to get in touch with […]

Don’t stereotype my identity

I am mixed race, or, at least, I am trying to be. It is not easy when everyone around me expects me to be black. I walk around school with a red, black and green Africa necklace hanging down to my belly and Rasta-colored sunglasses on my head, so how could I not be Afro-centric […]

Notre Dame sweeps volleyball

The atmosphere in the Sept. 27 varsity girls’ volleyball game was different than most, in part because of the screaming Notre Dame fans crammed into the Notre Dame gym to watch their team play. “Both teams and fans came out with a lot of energy,” Nicole Gould ’13 said. The Wolverines fell to the Knights […]