Student win awards for national Chinese essay contest

Eight students received awards for their essay submissions to the 2017 Chinese Language Association of Secondary Schools National Essay Contest on Jan 5. Students had the chance of being awarded a gold, silver or honorable mention certificate. Chronicle staff writer Astor Wu ’20 and Strauss Cooperstein ’18 were granted gold awards, five students received silver awards […]

Four worldly fellows

Say you have a few thousand dollars to spend on 12 weeks of summer. If you’re not already committed to an internship, summer program or trip abroad, the money could finance three months of hard-won relaxation. After waking up luxuriously late at 11 a.m., a student might spend some of it when they head over […]

7th graders may opt for Chinese

By Erin Moy Starting this year, Chinese will be offered to seventh graders. Though the class used to be offered to ninth graders, middle school teacher, Bin Bin Wei will be teaching nearly 40 seventh graders this fall in three separate classes. With an additional three freshman classes, there will be a total of six […]