The Chosen Ones: Students Request Certain Teachers from Deans

The Chosen Ones: Students Request Certain Teachers from Deans

After Sophie Tippl ’17 received her full schedule with teachers for her junior year, she could not help but worry. Her friends had warned her about one teacher who had a reputation as one of the most difficult graders for the subject, she said. Her friends also advised her to switch out of the class, […]

Video classes visit alumnus on comedy set

Students in Video Art I, II and III classes attended a studio shoot for Jason Reitman’s ’95 Hulu comedy “Casual” April 23 at Tamarack Studios in Sun Valley. Reitman invited students to his set to see how different departments, such as costume design, editing and production design, come together when producing a show for a […]

Don't let drugs or alcohol negatively impact the school

Following recent allegations of students attending the home basketball game against Loyola while under the influence of alcohol and drugs, the editorial board agreed that the issue of substance use on campus and at school-related events should be addressed. It is common knowledge that drugs and alcohol are a presence on almost every high school […]

Choosing between my education and my education

I ditched a class a few weeks ago. I simply did not attend third period, my directed study in Ancient Greek. I didn’t forget about class, I wasn’t cramming for a test, I wasn’t even at home “sick.” No, I was in Chalmers 313 along with a couple dozen other seniors, listening to the University […]