Steering committee encourages suggestions from faculty, students

Student and faculty suggestions will be incorporated into the school’s self-evaluation for accreditation from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges/California Association for Independent Schools, said history teacher and accreditation leader John Corsello said.

Change in e-mail system to protect student privacy

By Maddy Baxter In order to protect the privacy of students and update the school’s software, a new e-mail system has been implemented, Director of Computer Services Dave Ruben said. All student e-mail addresses have changed except for the senior class’s (in order to avoid confusion when contacting colleges). Instead of the style email, […]

Student e-mail addresses to change in August

By Saj Sri-Kumar A new student e-mail system to be introduced next school year will address privacy concerns and include updated technology, said Director of Computer Services Dave Ruben. Due to privacy concerns, accounts will use the domain name “” instead of the current “” The change was implemented so that it is not obvious […]

Senior invents college tour iPhone application

By Candice Navi Ian Cinnamon ’10 has helped create an iPhone application that gives users virtual tours of colleges. The application, uTourX, currently has tours of Harvard, MIT, Stanford and Yale. For each college, iPhone owners can click on over 100 different points of interest and read information about each, written by college students. In […]

Apply yourself

by Michelle Yousefzadeh At the last junior class meeting of the year, while stuffing our faces with doughnuts brought by my dean, all the kids in my dean group stared up at the projected image of the Common Application — a maroon tinted questionnaire that if filled with the right answers, letters and scores would […]

Six detentions to result in suspension

By Sammy Roth Under a new policy created by the Upper School Deans, students who receive six detentions over the course of one semester will receive a one-day suspension. Dean Vanna Cairns said the new policy would help prevent students from cutting class, the most common reason for a detention. The deans decided that a […]

National yearbook review uses pages from 2006 Vox

“Yearbook Yearbook,” a publication distributed by Taylor Publishing, recently honored the 2006 Vox yearbook “Nuance” by featuring several of its designs and spreads in its pages. The publication is passed out among different colleges, universities and high schools, offering ideas for themes, spreads and covers used in college and high school yearbooks.— Ashley Halkett