Don't let drugs or alcohol negatively impact the school

Following recent allegations of students attending the home basketball game against Loyola while under the influence of alcohol and drugs, the editorial board agreed that the issue of substance use on campus and at school-related events should be addressed. It is common knowledge that drugs and alcohol are a presence on almost every high school […]

Magazine publishes sophomore’s writing

By Lauren Siegel At age 15, Julia Aizuss ’14 is already a published writer and the author of three novels. High school magazine Polyphony H.S. published Aizuss’ short story, “The Grand Canyon Isn’t a Miracle, It’s a Threat” about a woman reflecting on her boyfriend’s suicide. Hers was one of 77 accepted pieces. 1,618 pieces […]

Slow down and step back

By Judd Liebman During sophomore year, we fill out the “Three Year Plan,” outlining our ideas about our future classes. Our decisions in 10th grade could dictate the rest of our high school career. And that is what high school is supposed to be. Harvard-Westlake teaches us to prepare for the future and to be […]

Rugby teachers intensify cell phone rule enforcement

By Shayna Freisleben Teachers in Rugby have been strictly enforcing the cell phone rule over the past few weeks, posting warning signs throughout the building and threatening cell phone confiscation. The intensification of cell phone enforcement was caused by the increase in cell phone use in the hall, disrupting English classes and breaking the pre-existing […]