Don’t be an idiot 101: What wouldn’t Ryan Lochte do?

Don’t be an idiot 101: What wouldn’t Ryan Lochte do?

Ryan Lochte’s eyes dart side to side as he attempts to form an earnest apology during his NBC interview. After shedding a few tears, the American competitive swimmer and 12-time Olympic medalist retold his story, only this time he spoke the truth. “I just want to say I am truly, 110 percent sorry,” he said. […]

Senior superheroes look to the future

By Catherine Wang   Madison the Performer: Madison,* who applied to Wesleyan University Early Decision, was deferred to the Early Decision II applicant pool. “Basically, they will re-evaluate my application with the Early Decision II applicants,” she said. She will receive notification of her admissions decision in mid-February. If accepted, Madison must agree to accept […]

Decisions, decisions

By Jordan McSpadden During my last month in Spain, I looked forward to summer 2010, believing it would be a time to relax and adjust to being back in America. Little did I know, my summer would be filled with college research, the Common Application, and visiting 17 different colleges on the east coast. Most […]

Don’t force it

By Abbie Neufeld At a recent practice, my water polo team was completing a pyramid style swim set. Since it was one of the first practices of the year, after finishing the beginning of the set, our coach said we could move on or choose to finish the swim set. Not being the biggest fan […]