School encourages teachers to use grants to improve teaching

The school has increased its budget for betterment and development grants this year to allow for teachers to continue “honing their craft and to stay current,” science teacher and Dean of Faculty Dietrich Schuhl said. Schuhl oversees the school’s betterment grants, which are small grants that teachers can use to attend various events across the […]

Science teacher takes leave of absence

Upper school science teacher Walt Werner has taken a medical leave after being diagnosed this past June with Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a cancer of the lymph tissue. Doctors are confident that he will be in the hospital for a stem cell transplant within a month. The school has been very supportive and Werner hopes to be […]

Forum launches for seniors' reflections

Seniors will speak about their personal experiences to their peers and teachers during Senior Reflections, set to begin this school year, upper school science teacher Dietrich Schuhl said. He described the proposed reflections as “very personal TED talks.” An email was sent from Schuhl and the Senior Reflections Committee to the senior class to inform […]