Ferris Bueller’s Day Off: combination of Coachella, Senior Ditch Day contributes to record low attendance

One-hundred-twenty students missed school after Coachella on April 17, exceeding the number of absences in recent history. Upper School Attendance Coordinator Gabriel Preciado said this year’s absences were slightly higher than in the past due to the combination of Coachella and senior ditch day, as well as the fact that it fell the day after […]

Attendance drops due to 'ditch day' and Coachella

Fifty-two percent of scheduled senior classes were missed yesterday as a result of absences for college visits, the March of the Living Holocaust awareness trip, the Coachella Music Valley Festival and the unofficial senior “ditch day.” This is the second highest number of absences in the school’s history after April 21, 2005 when only 33 […]

When nothing actually is something

By Jordan Freisleben I hate blank pages. In fact, I abhor them. Post-AP life is great, to say the least. I’ve been going out to long lunches with friends and I get to catch up on some much needed sleep. However, the lack of classes allowed me eight straight periods to glare at the blinking […]

Opting out of cyberspace

By Julie Barzilay Senior Ditch Day, numerous Prom limousines and Peer Support sleepovers have all been planned and organized via “Groups” and “Event” pages on Facebook.com this year.  Facebook messages have virtually replaced invitations, and clicking “attending,” “maybe attending,” or “not attending” has pretty much supplanted the process of an “RSVPing” among many high school […]