Encouraging a foreign outlook

These days, RSS feeds are dominated by breaking news updates about any of the United States’ three foreign entanglements and updates on the NIKKEI stock exchange. Businesspeople from every continent can be on the same conference call with relative ease.   And yet, a student can graduate from Harvard-Westlake having never taken a class that […]

Enjoying the unexpected

By Mary Rose Fissinger Millions of songs have been written about the joyous days of summer. Come the start of June, commercials, stores, or perhaps even your own iPods constantly blare the occasionally sub-par instrumentals but entirely fitting vocals of songs like Alice Cooper’s “School’s Out” and Nat King Cole’s “Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days […]

Two freshmen form singing group based on TV show ‘Glee’

By Anna Etra   Inspired in part by “Glee,” the new Fox television show, Bronty O’Leary ’13 and Megan Ward ’13 started a middle school Glee Club. A Glee Club is a group of people who get together to sing short songs. In the television show, unlikely students gather to perform modern hit songs a […]

Middle school staff plays student softball teams

By Sade Tavangarian Middle school faculty members are challenging the seventh and eighth graders on the middle school softball white and black teams to a game on May 8. It will take place on the brand new Sprague Field at 3:30 p.m. The student teams will be led by coaches Hillary Schwab, Coach Lew Roberts, […]

Eighth grade retreat moves to Santa Barbara

By Emily Wallach Most eighth graders will spend four nights and three days together at El Capitan Canyon campground for this year’s retreat, replacing the previous site at Pali Mountain Camp. El Capitan Canyon campground is 20 miles north of Santa Barbara and part of El Capitan State Beach Park. Approximately 160 eighth graders will […]