Not another wake-up call

She wasn’t answering her phone. I found out about the Los Angeles International Airport shooting at school, when I heard classmates talking about it in the lounge. I immediately picked up my cell phone and called my sister, who was supposed to be taking a flight to Dallas from LAX that morning. I called her […]

Something untraditional: take a gap year

As I was doing my homework in my room after school last week, I heard my dad call from downstairs, a grave seriousness marking his usually jovial tone. “Elizabeth! Your mom and I need to talk to you.” “Oh no,” I thought to myself, my heart sinking and my stomach churning. This could only mean […]

KHWS launches with record number of DJs

KHWS, Harvard-Westlake’s student-run online radio station, hit the air waves for the first time this school year today Oct. 23 with student DJ Alisha Bansal ’14 playing “Kong” by Bonobo to kick off her 5 p.m. set. Bansal is the first of fifty student DJs who will broadcast this year once every two weeks for […]