Ode to the throne

Beware. Spoilers ahead.Season 3. Episode 9. Lively music and welcoming toasts fill the atmosphere of Lord Walder Frey’s great dining hall as members of the Northern army, led by House Stark, enjoy a night of apparent bliss and celebrate the wedding between House Tully and House Frey. Fans are able to finally relax and savor […]

ASMR You Satisfied?

ASMR You Satisfied?

The crunch of an apple. The tapping of a pencil. The whisper that “everything will be okay.” While these sounds are seemingly random, they have one thing in common: they are all a part of one of the Internet’s newest crazes, autonomous sensory meridian response, or more commonly known as ASMR. Although only more recently […]

Organization holds entertainment summit

Students attended the second annual Women in Entertainment Summit at the Hollywood Cinerama Dome on Nov. 10. The summit centered around panels led by prominent women in the media and entertainment industries. The range of topics discussed on the panel included the need for female-led storytelling, how gender and sexuality shape societal identities, female representation […]