Environmental Science SSR repaves faculty parking lot to conduct research

To investigate the effect of cool pavement on lessening the Urban Heat Island Effect, the Environmental Science SSR, made up of students who took AP Environmental Science last year, initiated the repavement of half of the faculty parking lot with GuardTop Cool Seal. The Urban Heat Island Effect is when an urban area is significantly […]

Environmental scientist shares exploration stories

Environmental scientist shares exploration stories

Environmental scientist and businessman Richard Sneider (Nicole ’09, Alán ’12, Eitan ’17) shared his experiences exploring and building a research facility in an isolated region of Papua New Guinea with students in Ahmanson Lecture Hall during activities period Monday. Sneider, who is Chair of the Freshwater Fish Specialist Group for the International Union for Conservation […]

Students lose chance to bond

by David Alpert At the beginning of a school-wide assembly for unity and solidarity the day after the hammer attack, about 30 students got up and left to take the AP Chemistry and Environmental Science exams.    I am not upset with these students.  However, I believe that going ahead with the exams was still a […]