Geology students visit Death Valley

All students enrolled in the Geology and Geology Honors courses have already or will be traveling to Death Valley to get hands-on experience with geology. “I have seen real changes in my students after the trip,” Geology and Geology Honors teacher Wendy Van Norden said.  “They ‘get’ it so much better.” There have already been […]

Italian, German to add 2nd level

New levels of Italian and German will be added to next year’s curriculum for those who have completed the introductory classes. The World Language Department will add German level two and Italian two. Spanish teacher Aaron Bluestein will teach Italian level one, and French teacher Simona Ghirlanda will teach level two. The classes will be […]

Tuition increases by 3.7 percent to $33,500 for next school year

Tuition for the 2014-2015 school year will rise to $33,500 from $32,300, an increase of 3.7 percent, Chief Financial Officer Rob Levin said. Chair of the Board of Trustees Christine Hazy (Steven ’00, Karissa ’03, Trenton ’05, Courtney ’11) announced next year’s tuition Feb. 3 in a re-enrollment letter online. “This tuition is expected to […]

Prefect Council releases digital ID

Prefect Council released an electronic ID application that will replicate normal IDs, including photos, ID numbers and barcodes Jan.  14. “We’re pretty happy with the progress of the ID,” sophomore prefect Grace Pan ’16 said. “It’s so rewarding to see that the work we put in was productive and beneficial.” Prefect Council provided students with […]

Ice Princesses

Rotating in the air, straining to turn a third time, Katie Sing ’16 cheats the jump, her foot stopping in the ice, her body continuing to rotate. Limping off the rink, Sing learns her ankle is sprained, one  her of countless ice skating injuries in the past few years — a hairline fracture in her […]

Visual arts teacher starts video series

Visual arts teacher Kevin O’Malley has started a YouTube lecture series called Classroom 2.0 as part of what he calls the free information movement. The series consists of a group of lectures given by O’Malley on a variety of topics. Currently there are three lectures on the channel, one on Flemish painting and its effects […]

Self Improv-ment

On a Friday evening in October, Dave Bushnell runs through the do’s and don’t’s of improv. He throws out terms like “block” and “waffle” to the 13 students who make up the new student improv group, the newly-named Jackanapes. Bushnell recently became an official staff member when the Performing Arts Department decided to form a […]

Don’t support a harmful industry for personal entertainment

One of the things that makes the Hunger Games not just palatable but wildly successful is the just large enough difference between the world of Katniss and the one we inhabit. The government is far worse: Congress might not be able to pass a law, but Barack Obama is no President Snow. The names are […]

'All of her six children were killed'

One thing was immediately noticeable as I stepped off of the plane: the smell of smoke, hanging thickly in the air. Later, I would discover that it was the smell of burnt trash, but at that time, my only thought was, “Finally. Rwanda.” I found out about the Investigative Journalism Adventure to Rwanda last summer […]

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