Pianists perform four-hand rendition of 'Rite of Spring'

The Philosophy in Art and Science class hosted a recital of Igor Stravinsky’s “The Rite of Spring” during first period on May 3 in Rugby Auditorium. The piece was performed four-hand by professional pianists Danny Holt and Steven Vanhauwaert, whom philosophy teacher Ted Walch knew through his involvement with the music group Jacaranda: Music At […]

Leaders of symphony tune group for perfection

By Abbie Neufeld Almost every morning, while other students attempt to rise from their previous night’s slumber to the sound of their teachers’ voices, the 55 students in the upper school Symphony Orchestra enjoy a different kind of wake-up call: the sound of music. Though these students rehearse almost every day, they only have two […]

Managing Life with Diabetes

  By Mary Rose Fissinger Halfway through first period math, in the midst of a lecture on axis symmetry and circles, Liza Wohlberg ’13 takes a short break from listening to her teacher and pulls out her blood glucose monitoring meter and slyly pricks her finger under the desk. Seeing that her blood sugar is […]

Bursting with green eagerness

by Michelle Yousefzadeh I once thought that it was cool to wear a lime green boho skirt, an equally limey tank top, gold Rocketdog shoes and plastic earrings. This was my outfit for my first day of Harvard-Westlake. In my 7th grade mindset’s defense, I was coming from a world of navy and white uniforms […]

Cafeteria hours lead to non-stop grazing

By Catherine Wang While running between first period English and second period Physics, Allison Merz ’10 conveniently passes the cafeteria. Every morning she dashes in, grabs a muffin and a chocolate milk, and bolts to class. After Physics, she normally buys another snack to eat during third period while doing homework. During fifth period, Merz […]

Nick Truer wins CIF Coastal Section title

Nick Treuer ’10 won the CIF Coastal Section title on the night of Feb. 20 in the 152 pound weight division. Treuer, who was seeded second, pinned his opponent, the first seed, in the first period of the final. “Great kid, great win, great for our school,” Head of Athletics Audrius Barzdukas said. Treuer will […]

Navigating upper school obstacle course

By Alice Phillips Every level (except for one) of every building (but one) on the upper school campus is, somehow, wheelchair accessible. Key word: somehow. Ponder the possibilities. How would you get from math class to the language lab? If you think about it long enough, you will come to the conclusion that by going […]

Burst pipe shuts down Coldwater Canyon Ave.

By David A. Alpert and Esther Zuckerman A water main that broke before 1 a.m. Monday on the 12700 block of Mulholland Drive blocked Coldwater Canyon Avenue, causing the start of school to be pushed back to 8:35 a.m. and activities period to be eliminated. Although there were roadblocks at the entrance of Coldwater from […]

Librarians find Silent Study more popular than ever

By Ali Pechman and Maya Spitzer  Students and librarians alike are finding that more people use  Silent Study this year than in years past. As librarian Virginia Alexander put it, “each grade has its own character,” and it seems that the particular variety of upper school students this year leans toward soundless work habits more […]