Assassin starts with a bang

More than 300 students played in the 5th annual assassin game with a newly created app. As of press time, only 45 players remain. Moderated by James Kanoff ’17 and Justin Rose ’17, the game started just after 8 a.m. May 22. The goal of the game is to be the last surviving player. Students […]

Students partake in first hackathon

Students partake in first hackathon

Computer science students worked for 36 hours at Hack H-W Jan. 16-17, learning about technological entrepreneurship while competing in the school’s first hackathon. Shelley Jain ’16 and Justin Rose ’17 brought the hackathon to the upper school, allowing 50 students to work with 10 mentors from technology companies and the California Institute of Technology. Students […]

Students to participate in hackathon

Students will collaborate in computer programming and learn about technological entrepreneurship at Hack HW, a 36-hour student hackathon Jan. 16-17. Participants will divide into multiple groups and work on a programming project throughout the event as part of a competition. Though most hackathon participants generally create apps or websites, students are free to pursue whatever […]