Debate team sweeps awards

The debate team won several awards at a tournament at the University of Southern California March 1-3. Cameron Cohen ’16 cleared the varsity preliminary rounds undefeated, as did Chasia Jeffries ’17 in the junior varsity division. Annie Kors ’14, Nick Steele ’16 and Shelby Heitner ’14 also advanced to the varsity elimination rounds. Cohen lost […]

There's no shame in sitting

Last year, the student body struggled mightily with being mature and respectful during assemblies. The problem didn’t stop there. During dance performances, plays and class meetings the glare of phone screens and whispers pervaded the mass of students supposedly listening intently to the events taking place on stage. This year, I’ve noticed that we have […]

Students to tour Spain during spring break

Students from both the upper and middle schools will travel to Spain for the annual Spanish immersion trip from March 22 to April 6. The purpose of the trip is to provide a real-life encounter for students who wish to learn more about Spanish customs, culture and language, upper school Spanish teacher Javier Zaragoza said. […]

Students use Kiva

During class meeting last week students learned how to donate $25 to Kiva, an organization that makes loans to people in low income countries. The event, called “Aunt Kim’s Birthday Gift” was organized and funded by the Vietnam Initiative Project. Students were given specific codes to create an account on the Kiva website that was […]

Juniors debate for U.S. in Slovenia, win international debate tournament

Sara Evall ’15 and Amelia Miller ’15 won the Ljutomer International World Schools Debate Tournament March 6-9 in Slovenia for the United States Debate team. More than 40 teams participated. Evall and Miller faced the other three-person U.S. team in the finals. Evall and Miller’s team won debating the topic of whether voting in European […]