Don’t Suffer from Sickness

Don’t Suffer from Sickness

It’s nighttime, and I can feel the virus spread through my body, creeping up my throat and exiting with a weak cough. I know that tomorrow, I will wake up exhausted and sick, and that there is nothing I can do about it. So now the question becomes: should I subject myself to more suffering […]

Administration, don’t skip out

So let’s say that there’s this Muppets on Ice performance in Fargo, North Dakota… And let’s say that Joe Junior and his mother really want to go… Can he skip school on Friday in order to make his flight? That would probably be frowned upon. So why is it okay for students to ditch school […]

School to excuse Coachella absences with parents’ assent

By Ingrid Chang Last year more than 70 students were given detentions for unexcused absences on the Friday of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. This year the administration is taking a more flexible stance on absences on the Friday of the three-day festival, which runs from April 15-17 as long as students are […]

When exhaustion becomes an illness

By Sonya Mitchell Kerry Kuwata ’08 thought her junior year was no more stressful than that of her classmates. She was taking one AP and one honors course, and playing center mid-field on a varsity and club soccer team. She came to school worn out and exhausted but her friends all seemed to be going […]

Professionals stage plays by students playwrights

By Alexia Boyarsky and Stephanie Deutsch Graham Parkes ’10 traveled to New York to see a staged reading of his play which was chosen by Playwright’s Inc., and may be performed profesionally later this year. On Saturday, Charles Green ’08  learned that his play “Where Beautiful Things Go to Die” had been produced by the […]