COVID-19 spike before NFL playoffs sparks discussion within school community

The NFL’s COVID-19 crisis was fully exposed during its twelfth week of the season, affecting the school’s many passionate fans and forcing the coaching staff to analyze the league’s safety protocols to create a safer sports experience throughout the upcoming weeks. With star players including quarterback Lamar Jackson and all three of the Denver Broncos […]

Jonathan Martin ’08 to stand trial for threats

After posting an image on Instagram of a shotgun and a reference to four individuals and Harvard-Westlake, a judge ruled Wednesday that there is enough evidence for former NFL players Jonathan Martin ’08 to stand trial for his criminal threats. Martin received four felony counts of making criminal threats, one for each person tagged in […]

Life of a Brown’s Fan

Life of a Brown’s Fan

I’m sitting in my living room shocked. “All I do is win win win no matter what,” DJ Khaled screamed through my tinny iPhone speakers in celebration. The impossible had happened. My favorite team, the Cleveland Browns, had just beaten the New York Jets. I immediately thought that Baker Mayfield is the messiah. After I […]