Signing off on your honor

“On all my work my name affirms my honor.” This fragment of our Honor Code is often all that remains in our minds as our eyes glance their way toward the space for our signatures. The rest is, at best, vaguely recognized and then quickly dismissed as students sign their name to a promise they’ve […]

Consider before you chop

By Alex Gura For those of you who don’t know, the library will be under construction next year as the new Kutler Center, named after the late Brendan Kutler ’10 who excelled in the interdisciplinary studies that the center will foster, will be beside the library with Seaver. However, this will make it impossible for […]

Stop appeasing cheaters

Being a silent bystander may adhere to the elementary school moral code prohibiting tattletales, but it is morally unacceptable even if it doesn’t violate the letter of the Honor Code. President Thomas C. Hudnut, when speaking about the 2001 collapse of Enron at the leadership summit last week, condemned the belief that “ethical behavior requires […]