Recall our past

Recall our past

As I scrolled through YouTube in one last attempt to productively procrastinate my homework due the next day, I came across a tune that reminded me of my childhood. According to the comments section underneath the “Upside Down” music video, individuals who were born between 1998 and 2003 must keep the song alive. The iconic […]

The actor within

By Saj Sri-Kumar Before this school year, I can’t remember ever setting foot on the Rugby Auditorium stage. Until September, I had never enrolled in a performing or visual arts class at the Upper School, coming very close to not finishing my graduation requirement. Today, however, I find myself spending more time in Rugby than […]

Culture Shock

By Jordan Freisleben and Lauren Seo As he unbuckles his seatbelt, Gavin Cook ’10 reaches for his wallet. Looking up, he is slightly surprised to see his mother get out of the driver’s seat, instead of the taxi driver waiting for him to pay. With a slight smile, he realizes he’s not in China anymore. […]

Late practices problem for athletes

With the installation of the field lights at Ted Slavin Field came a plan that unjustly forces students to attend a study hall that complicates transportation and eating situations every day after school before their evening practices. Every athlete on campus waiting for practice to start must attend a study hall session, a rule that […]

Tutors help actor, ill to recoup lost hours

By Esther Zuckerman In 8th grade Jonny Ahdout ’07 had both good news and bad news for his deans Nancy Jeon and Paul Mastin. The good news? He had just been cast in a lead role in an upcoming film, “House of Sand and Fog” opposite Ben Kingsley and Jennifer Connelly. The bad news? He […]