Junior golfer hits hole-in-one

Kate Kushi ’14 hit a hole in one Tuesday when girls’ varsity golf beat Flintridge-Sacred Heart Academy by 44 shots, for a total score of 250-206.

“It was pretty surreal,” Kushi said. “I hit a 7 iron on a par 3, and it was not great shot, but the ball hit the fringe and kept rolling and then all of a sudden it disappeared. I’ve never gotten a hole in one before but I assumed that not being able to see that ball was a good indicator that it went in the hole. My coach took out her phone and started filming everyone, and all my teammates as well the other team was congratulating me. It is something that I will be lucky if I experience again in my life.”

“Some people never get a hole in one, it is so rare, and it was amazing that it happened today, we are all so happy for her,” said teammate Madeline Abrahams ’14.