Boys volleyball struggles in match against St. Francis High School

Amelia Scharff

The boys volleyball team lost to St. Francis High School 3-0 Wednesday at home, leaving the team with a 3-3 record this season. 

During the first set, the Wolverines struggled to defend against the Golden Knights, who outscored the Wolverines by 12 points. The second set proved to be even more difficult for the Wolverines, as the score was 25-11. By the third set, however, the Wolverines only lost by a margin of 9, a slight improvement from the first two sets.  

This Mission League defeat came after two consecutive 3-0 wins against Crespi Carmelite High School on April 23 and against Loyola High School on April 16. 

Outside hitter Ben Volokh ’22 said that the team needs to focus on improving the little things if the squad wants to be successful this season. 

“Everyone has really grown as teammates and players from where we started so it’s nice to see the camaraderie on the court,” Volokh said. “In terms of where we need to improve, we get a lot of big kills and blocks, but we also make a lot of errors like nets and service errors that are easy for us to fix but give the other team free points.”

The squad looks to gain back its momentum in its next game at home against Notre Dame High School on April 30.