Baseball team dominates Notre Dame High School

Alex Hahn

Coming off a 12 game winning streak, the baseball team achieved yet another victory over Notre Dame High School on Monday at O’Malley Family Field, extending their league record to 15-1 and their overall record to 22-4. A total of 590 viewers tuned in to the match that was live streamed at HWTV.


The squad started off neck and neck with the Knights, with the score being 1-1 after the first two innings. However, in the following third and fourth innings, the Wolverines put up a combined nine runs while their solid defense kept Notre Dame scoreless. By the fifth, the Wolverines had secured the sixteen-run lead they extended upon throughout the remainder of the game, making for a final score of 22-5. 


The squad faces the Notre Dame Knights once more May 25 at Notre Dame Field for their second-to-last game of the season, where they look to keep their streak alive.