School to hold flu vaccine clinics in early October

Natasha Speiss

The Community Health Office announced in an email Friday that the school will hold flu vaccination clinics at both the Middle School and Upper School in early October. The clinics will be open to all students and employees.

Elements Pharmacy, which previously collaborated with the school in hosting COVID-19 vaccination clinics, will partner with the school to hold the flu clinics. In addition to maximizing campus safety, the flu clinics will prevent any false COVID-19 alarms that may arise because of the overlap in the symptoms.

Community evaluates the importance of vaccines

Community Health Officer Milo Sini said it is crucial for members of the school community to get vaccinated for the safety of themselves and the people around them.

[The flu vaccine clinics] will make it much easier for our school community to stay healthy during these stressful and uncertain times.

— Daniella Goldrich '23

“It is important that students and employees who have symptoms [of COVID-19, some of which overlap with the flu] notify the school’s Attendance Office and Community Health Office immediately and remain off campus until cleared by the school,” Sini said in the email. “We strongly encourage students and employees to participate in one of these clinics if you are able to get the vaccine.”

Daniella Goldrich ’23 said although she has already gotten her flu vaccination, she is appreciative of the school’s efforts in preventing the spread of any illnesses.

“It’s great that the school is doing its part to keep our community safe,” Goldrich said. “I’m particularly grateful that they’re making it easier for students to have access to the flu shot by distributing it at our school. This will make it much easier for our school community to stay healthy during these stressful and uncertain times.”

Students are urged to stay home if they feel ill

In addition to the implementation of the flu vaccination clinics, Sini encouraged students and faculty to stay at home if they experience any symptoms of the flu or COVID-19.

“As you may be aware, symptoms of COVID have changed a bit since the pandemic first began and now include headache and runny nose and congestion to go along with fever, cough, shortness of breath and loss of taste or smell,” Sini said. ‘If you have any of these symptoms, please do not come to campus until your COVID status has been resolved by the Community Health Office, even if your underlying symptoms have resolved.”

Charlotte Hogan ’24 said she welcomes the change in how the school plans on prioritizing student health instead of coming to school.

“It’s completely unusual, because usually if you’re sick you just power through, you get through the day,” Hogan said. “It’s definitely out of the ordinary to be like ‘If you have a cold, don’t come to school,’ but I think it’s great that the school is offering vaccines to the whole [school] community.”