Prefect Council hosts WAFL food truck on campus


Ella Yadegar/Chronicle

Sam Pulaski ’24 and Staff Writer Tate Sheehy ’24 pose with chicken and waffles from the WAFL food truck.

Ella Yadegar

Prefect Council brought a WAFL truck to campus Friday for this month’s Food Truck Friday. Students could purchase a combination of fried chicken and waffles or chicken tenders and fries for $9.00 on the Quad during morning break and lunch.

Olivia Baradaran ’24 said she appreciates Prefect Council’s Food Truck Fridays and hopes they will continue.

“I think that the chicken tenders and waffles were a very interesting, yet great choice,” Baradaran said. “The WAFL truck gave students the opportunity to have different food and I think that myself along with other students enjoy the trucks so much.”

Although Judah Marley ’23 did not purchase food from the WAFL truck, she said that the Food Truck Fridays have been a positive experience for students.

“I think that the Food Truck Fridays are a really good way to take a break from the cafeteria food once in a while,” Marley said. “[The food trucks] are a way for us to try new things and almost feel like we are less in school.”

The first Food Truck Friday of the school year took place when Prefect Council brought a Rice Balls of Fire Truck to campus last month.

According to Prefect Dillon Ring ’24, Prefect Council sees the first two Food Truck Fridays as a success and plans to continue doing them.

“We have been getting a lot of sales and a lot of the student body is enjoying all of the food that we bring,” Ring said. “Everyone loves chicken and waffles. It is the best food.”

Students stand in line as they wait to get their chicken tenders, waffles, and fries from the WAFL food truck. (Ella Yadegar/Chronicle)