CEO and co-founder visits HW Venture


Will Sherwood/Chronicle

Ben Sherwood ’81 (Assistant News Section Editor Will ’23) spoke to HW Venture about his career path during Conference Time on Thursday. Sherwood is currently the CEO and co-founder of MOJO, a youth sports app meant to make coaching easier for parents.

Natalie Cosgrove

HW Venture hosted Founder and Chief Executive Officer of MOJO Benjamin Sherwood ’81 (Will Sherwood ’23)to speak with students in the Drama Lab on Dec. 12. According to Sherwood, MOJO is a sports app intended to make coaching more accessible to youth.

Sherwood is the former President of Disney ABC Television Group and the President of ABC News. He has written multiple books including “The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud” and “The Man Who Ate the 747.” Previously, Sherwood attended both Harvard University and the University of Oxford. He is also a Rhodes Scholar.
HW Venture co-leader Sophia Rascoff ’23 said she felt Sherwood was an influential speaker because of his experience in a variety of fields.

“To me, the most interesting part of his talk was just how unique his background is,” Rascoff said. “He has worked across the entire scale, from companies with only a few people to thousands of people, and this unique experience is what makes him such a powerful advisor and speaker.”

Wilson Federman ’24 said hearing from an alumn inspires him as it makes his own success feel more tangible.

“Hearing from an accomplished entrepreneur that walked the same halls as I do now was inspiring and opened my eyes to the perspective that I had not encountered before,” Federman said. “To be able to learn from someone with so much experience has helped me to appreciate all the resources I have at [the school] that will help me to reach that same potential.”

Sherwood said his best advice to aspiring entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs is to keep their passions at the forefront of their minds.

“The common denominator [between these situations] is the thing that I wish for all of you more than anything, thinking about the next years ahead,” Sherwood said. “[In the case of] when you get to choose the things you are most passionate about, the things you love the most or you’re most curious about, you can never go wrong.”