Girls water polo wins league openers

Chloe Park

In its first two league games of the season, the girls water polo team defeated Marymount High School 16-0 and Louisville High School 16-1 in games both played Jan. 12.

In both games, the squad outscored its opponents starting in the first quarter and maintained the lead through the end of the game. Attacker Fiona Gillearn ’23 said the players’ dedication in practices allowed them to demonstrate their strengths throughout the game. 

“I think we were able to win by such a large margin through our extensive training, teamwork and communication,” Gillearn said. “We essentially practice year round so during the season we are able to show the skills we have learned.”

Center defender Jordan LaCour ’24 said the team communicated well on defense, contributing to offensive opportunities.

“Overall, our defense really came together against both teams,” LaCour said. “We had good communication and our goalies made the saves they were supposed to, which fed directly into our counterattack.” 

Utility Savannah Shaub ’23 said their main areas of improvement for the squad’s next games include refining skills and executing plays more smoothly. 

“With so little time left in the season, we can still prioritize improving our personal techniques like shooting, swimming, and passing, but more importantly just improving our overall team fluidity.” 

The team’s next games are scheduled against Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy and Notre Dame High School on Jan.25 and Jan. 26, respectively.