Girls beach volleyball suffers first loss against Marlborough


Printed with permission of Claire Paul

SERVING SUNSET: Maddie Hilboki ’25 prepares to serve at a practice at Will Rodgers State Beach. The team holds a record of 3-1 this season.

Andrew Park

The girls beach volleyball team holds a 3-1 record at the beginning of its inaugural season after its recent 2-1 loss to Marlborough High School on March 15.

Team member Alex Adishian ’23 said while the season started strong, she expects the team to face stronger opponents during the rest of the season.

“The season has started very well as we’ve won three of our four [dual matches], which is awesome,” Alex Adishian said. “As a pair, [Isabella Adishian ’24 ] and I are playing well and are undefeated so far in match play, but there are lots more talented teams coming up on the schedule.”

Alex Adishian said she hopes to strengthen her team chemistry throughout the season while improving on her skills.

“The team and I are training hard to hone in on our core skills in serving, passing and siding-out,” Alex Adishian said. “I am super lucky to play with my sister [Isabella Adishian] who is very positive and competitive, and I hope to build off our chemistry as the season moves forward, regardless of different weather conditions or hurdles.”

Team member Isabella Adishian ’24 said she views teamwork as crucial to the team’s success.

“Although getting better is also super important to all of us, the importance of being a supportive teammate is something we always keep in the back of our heads since it is just the two of you on the sand,” Isabella Adishian said.

Although team member Claire Paul ’23 said she struggled with the transition to beach volleyball from indoor volleyball, she said she enjoys competing in the new environment.

“Right now, I am having a great time competing with all my teammates,” Paul said. “However, since I have only played indoor volleyball, I am still getting used to jumping and running on sand compared to hardwood floors.”

Team member Olivia Suddleson ’24 said the encouragement she received from her coaches helped her adapt to playing beach volleyball.

“The team and coaches have been amazing,” Suddleson said. “Even with the transition to outdoor volleyball, I have been surrounded by so much support and am excited to see how the season continues.”

The team will play Chaminade High School in its sixth match of the season March 22.